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Linux for Enterprise

Server solutions for enterprises

Linux for Education

Server solutions for educational institutions


We provide world-class Linux System Administration training

We contribute

We help create open source softwares, such as: Li-f-e, KIWI-LTSP and openSUSE Education

Free installation

We provide free Linux installation service at our premises

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We provide 24x7 online support to all our customers

Linux for Enterprise

My Cool eServer is plug 'n play appliance that enables small/medium offices to run everything required on a Desktop directly from the server, no need for installation of OS or any intrusive modifications client side. Whole OS including Office suite, Browser, Mail and messaging client runs from the server. It is even possible to run most Windows based applications critical to your enterprise such as Tally ERP.

Your Enterprise

Take your enterprise under your complete control

We help you SOLVE your complicated licensing and devastating virus issues. Linux server keeps your important data secure and safe.

What else do we do

We provide server solutions at all levels, here are some of the services we can offer that can benefit your organization immensely.

  • Secure Mail-Server
  • Anti-virus Internet Gateway/Firewall
  • Windows Domain File-Server
  • Internal Cloud Storage
  • Automatic Snapshot Backups
  • Thin/Fat Client Server
  • Customize Linux distribution
  • Migration Consultancy
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Corporate Training

Linux for Education

My sCool Server is a ready to use hardware appliance that you plug into your network and start off with booting other PCs in the network without installing or modifying anything in your existing setup. It utilizes award winning technologies such as KIWI-LTSP and openSUSE to achieve this.

Gujarat Secondary Education Board includes Linux and open source technologies in the curriculum for the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standards. This server bundles everything necessary to conduct the courses. This is the one unique combination of hardware and software that cannot be done without if your focus is to provide quality education with all sets of required software in a flawless manner.

Download Li-f-e: Linux for Education OS which is one of the important parts of My sCool Server from here, based on openSUSE or based on Ubuntu

Mouse over the images and click the links inside to find out more about My sCool Server and our training courses.

Visit Recherche Tech LLP's dedicated My sCool Server portal for in depth look.

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Foundation Course

Advanced Administration Course

We are based in Vadodara, providing training and solutions to both industries and education sector since 2004.

We always welcome new clients and partners that are looking for quality products and services, and appreciate the finer aspects of our niche offering. Feel free to stop by, or contact us about your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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